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The Collaborative Celebrates Price Chopper’s Healthy Stance


Manchester’s Price Chopper/ Market 32 store no longer sells tobacco and vape products. This is exciting, it’s quite a commitment by New York based Golub Corporation. Completely gone are the array of products that were hidden from customers in opaque cabinets and phased-out.

13 years ago The Collaborative partnered with Manchester’s Price Chopper to provide on-site cessation classes for employees. Over the years there was about a 90% decrease in smoking at that location and The Collaborative assisted in obtaining smoke-free signage for the entrance. Then in 2015 according to the Albany Business journal, the Golub Corporation and Price Chopper supermarkets announced that they will not sell cigarettes at any of their new Market 32 stores.

Customer Service Manager Tyler Dunbar explained that “it was a corporate decision to cease selling vape/tobacco products all-together at our 129 Price Chopper stores across six states” – New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania He noted “at this time only two Price Chopper stores still sell vape/tobacco products.”

Now this Price Chopper store is raising the bar by dedicating their entrance to be Substance-Free with six new signs. That means in addition to being smoke-free, their entrance is also free of vape, cannabis, and alcohol use.

Business owners, if you want to make your location Substance-Free, then contact The Collaborative at . We can help you obtain no-cost signage from the State that can be branded with your logo.

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